Q: What exactly is a Media Mentor and Consultant?

A: As a Media Mentor and Consultant I work with writers, authors, public relations executives, nonprofits, business owners and creative professionals who want to improve, fine-tune and learn how best to sell their work and themselves to the media.

Q: Are you the same as a publicist? How are you different?

A: No. Publicists disseminate material; they send out press releases, field incoming inquires, heavily work the phones and often organize events and parties. This is not my role. While I write and critique materials, I do none of the above public relations activities. I concentrate on teaching, giving guidance and producing top quality materials.

Q: Since you are a member of the media, can I send you information on my business or projects to see if you’d be interested in writing a story about me or my work?

A: Unfortunately, I cannot accept such unsolicited submissions and also cannot respond to these types of query letters. My work as a print journalist is fully separate from my work as a media mentor and consultant.

Q: What packages are available for mentoring and consulting?

A: I offer an initial consultation, hourly consults – by phone or in person -- and monthly retainers. I also work on a per-project basis. Please feel free to contact me to discuss your needs and I’ll be happy to schedule an initial consult.

Q: With your extended media contacts, do you ever contact these professionals directly for your clients?

A: For a select client list only I may contact media members, but only to media that I do not currently work or report for. This includes TV, cable, radio, film, and also the web/print outlets for whom I don’t report. I will always tell media contacts if this information is for a client.

Q: Is my identity confidential?

A: Yes. All clients are kept confidential unless they’ve given prior consent to my using their names/businesses.