During my decades as an in-demand journalist, I’ve reported and published more than 2,000 articles, half of which I originated and took from pitch to print.

As a member of the media, I know what editors are looking for and what it takes to get their attention. I dedicate personal attention to a select list of clients.

I provide you with:

Superior written documents * tailored and expert feedback * advice on smart writing angles * insider tips, hot topics and targets * fine-tuned content and delivery

I advise on, create and/or re-write:

Company or solo projects * stories * biographies * books * synopses * case studies * websites * grants * annual reports * press releases and public relations materials

I teach you how to:

Create the pitches and ideas editors, producers and agents actually need and how to locate these people * find and develop the perfect-pitch stories already within your environment.

I help you:

Target audiences and client bases * teach you how to get your message its widest possible distribution * design compelling media plans and packages * strategize and implement laser-focused product placements.

I offer:

- initial consults

- hourly consults – in person or by phone

- monthly retainers

- per-project programs

Hourly consults: Teach you how to do the above. Answers questions
you may have about the media, its inner workings, and/or how to navigate the media’s sphere.

Retainer or per-project consults: Teach you how to do the above while I also do the work for you. Provides you with the knowledge of having a veteran professional craft, hone and empower your work.

Please contact me for more information and/or to set up a consult or tailored program.

If you’d like more information or to schedule an initial consult click here.